I’m a Digital Marketer who is out to Automate Marketing (what I call Beast Mode of Marketing Automation), and has fun while doing that. I’m also into learning Korean these days. So, tag along with me on my Journey to Automate things, learn Korean and have fun along the way 🙂

I am Mohan Dhanwani

I’m a Digital Marketer with over 4 Years of experience in Digital Marketing Automation. I’ve implemented, & managed tools in a way which makes your Digital Marketing easier, efficient and enables you to take faster decisions based on Data. I believe Marketing is easy when

These things help you in making things way easier for later stages in Business. And, this is reason I like  Automating things.

I’m also a B-boy (this is where the Beast Mode comes from), Otaku & I like watching Korean Dramas 😉

Certification & Accreditation

What I do:

I help Small Business Owners & Marketing Professions in unlocking the Beast Mode of Digital Marketing Automation. Which is a Customer Value Optimized way of Automation. Plus, making sure that checking results is easier based on KPIs. So, you can find data to make effective decisions.

For Individuals, here … on the Website, I share the Tips, Tools & Resources related to Marketing Automation, WordPress Websites, and learning Korean.

If you are a Business, interested in working with me. Here’s the list of Services that I offer:

Why I do Marketing Automation:

Because, I love the Adrenaline in my Veins 🙂

Helping businesses in Automating things is fun. When you know, you can Optimize things, and get the Data that you want.

Which helps you in staying in-control of Business Operations, while Scaling the business up.

That Hustle, that sense of feel… is what leads me to Implement things the way I do.

Where the BEAST Mode Comes from:

I used to do B-boying during my College Days. And you know, like every B-boy … it was all about pushing it and pushing it.

A single move, sometimes took more than weeks to be able to do , but while I was practicing. Or when I was doing that move, there was the dose of Adrenaline. That was the BEAST Mode for me.

When, even injuries felt like Fun … yep … and again … 

pushing yourself to Extremes. Well, this is what lead me to BEAST Mode. E.g. here is one of the photos from that time:

Mohan Dhanwani

This was me back in the day … 

These days, Digital Marketing & Writing does the same for me. That feeling of pushing things to limit.

… just like a Calm Beast.

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