I help Business Owners & Digital Marketing Professionals in creating better Automation Campaigns that are efficient, & easy to Track. Thus, making it easier to make faster decisions on Marketing Campaigns & achieving better results.

I am Mohan Dhanwani

I’m a Digital Marketer with over 4 Years of experience in Digital Marketing Automation. I’ve implemented, & managed tools in a way which makes your Digital Marketing easier, efficient and enables you to take faster decisions based on Data. I believe Marketing is easy when

These things help you in making things way easier for later stages in Business. And, this is reason I like  Automating things.

I’m also a B-boy (this is where the Beast Mode comes from), Otaku & I like watching Korean Dramas 😉

Certification & Accreditation

What I do:

I help Small Business Owners & Marketing Professions in unlocking the Beast Mode of Digital Marketing Automation. Which is a Customer Value Optimized way of Automation. Plus, making sure that checking results is easier based on KPIs. So, you can find data to make effective decisions.

For Individuals, here … on the Website, I share the Tips, Tools & Resources related to Marketing Automation, WordPress Websites, and learning Korean.

If you are a Business, interested in working with me. Here’s the list of Services that I offer:

Why I do It:

Because, I love the Adrenaline in my Veins 🙂

Helping businesses in Automating things is fun. When you know, you can Optimize things, and get the Data that you want.

Which helps you in staying in-control of Business Operations, while Scaling the business up.

That Hustle, that sense of feel… is what leads me to Implement things the way I do.

So… let me help you in Making Your Online Marketing Easy Peasy!

Where the BEAST Mode Comes from:

I used to do B-boying during my College Days. And you know, like every B-boy … it was all about pushing it and pushing it.

A single move, sometimes took more than weeks to be able to do , but when while I was practicing. Or when I was doing that move, there was the dose of Adrenaline. That was the BEAST Mode for me.

When, even injuries felt like Fun … yep … and again … 

pushing yourself to Extremes. Well, this is what lead me to BEAST Mode. E.g. here is one of the photos from that time:

Mohan Dhanwani

This was me back in the day … 

These days, Digital Marketing & Writing does the same for me. That feeling of pushing things to limit.

… just like a Calm Beast.

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